Home is where the heart is – that’s what they always say right? 💖 Omar & I moved to Toronto
about 4 months ago now and when we found our loft, we knew this would be what we would
call home. It was big enough for the two of us, didn’t totally destroy our budgets, had the
highest ceilings, south-facing windows, exposed bricks…basically THE WORKS. 🙌🏼

But for the first month or so of living in this loft, it didn’t feel like home. It didn’t feel like a
place where we would write the next chapter of our lives together. All we had to sit on was on
ottoman we had found on the street and the bed that our landlord had installed.

It looked pretty bleak in there to say the least! 😅 At the time, we were both just starting up with
our jobs – me with my clients & Omar at The Drake – so, needless to say, our bank accounts
said a big NO to any furniture shopping we wanted to do. 💸

We already had done some serious Pinteresting & browsing through Insta to figure out the
vibe we wanted in our new place. We knew we wanted a space that’s cozy, warm, full of
greenery, and a little boho-chic. That’s when we were told about the Shop By Room page on
the Home Depot’s website and we pretty easily found every single piece we needed to
achieve our dream loft!

Now, I’ve ALWAYS been a big fan of The Home Depot. 🛠 I remember as a kid, my parents
would take me on shopping trips and we would always stop in The Home Depot for
something or another. There’s something about the smell of a hardware store and all the little
knick knacks around that really made the interior designer in me (if there ever was one) crazy
happy. Wait…is that just me or what!? 🤷🏻‍♂️

But I had zero idea how incredible their furniture selection is! They seriously have so many
trendy, stylish, and cute pieces to choose from! Anyways, thanks to The Home Depot Canada,
we were able to fully furnish our loft apartment into the most incredible, homely, warm, all
the fuzzy adjectives, space that you ever did see. I can safely say that our apartment most
definitely feels like home now. Keep on reading for a little tour!


First up, we have our “bedroom”! The thing you need to know about our loft is that it’s not
the biggest space. It’s more of a studio than a one-bedroom. But we make do because it’s such
a great first apartment to have in the city (and cheap since we split rent haha).

But, we have a Murphy bed that can be raised up & down whenever we need more space for
entertaining. So we can pretty much bend the space to our will! (not in an evil way, of course 😜)
We love a pile of pillows moment on our bed, so we had to order like 20 new pillows from
The Home Depot! Add to a super soft Egyptian Cotton sheet set and those cute little seating
poofs at the foot of the bed & you have yourself the comfiest “bedroom” you ever did see.


Living Room

Now, we move to the next section of our space, the living room! We decided to keep this
sectional that we already had in the space, but completely revamped it with tons of throwspillows, the SOFTEST rug, and tons of comfy things. If you can’t tell, we loooove anything
plush, soft, or anything else that adds some extra coziness to the space! 🐵









In addition to the couch area, we’ve started to decorate the massive white space we have for
one of our walls. As you can see, we’ve started filling them in with floating shelves from The
Home Depot, plus some prints we’ve collected so far.

Now, who wants to come over for movie night!? 🍿

Dining Room / Kitchen

Oh, you thought we couldn’t fit anymore goodness into this space!? Well, you’ve yet to see
the best dining room/kitchen combo you’ve ever seen.

We actually found this GORG dining table out on the street, so that’s obviously had to stay in
the space. We have a thing for making our apartment into a greenhouse of sorts, so most of
our 22 plant babies currently reside in this part of the loft! 🌱🌿












But really, I’m sure y’all can guess the star of the show in this room. That chandelier! 💡 We
couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this on The Home Depot site. It’s perfect for the
bohemian/urban loft vibe we wanted to go for and it just elevates the space to the next level
(throwing some Tan France lingo your way today haha).

Aaaaand there you have it, folks! Without The Home Depot Canada, we would have had no
chance in getting this apartment to this level so quickly. I’m so thankful to have them as my
partner and really hope you check out what they have to offer the next time you’re shopping
for furniture!

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Canada. All expressed opinions and experiences
are my own words.