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Hey, you beautiful humans! Thanks for stopping by – I know I haven’t done much posting on here for a while, but I’ll assure you that more content is coming ASAP.

So, first of all, the weather here in Berlin is seriously getting me down. Winter’s definitely coming fast with shorter days and stupidly cold weather. And for real, the cold and I really don’t get along. Neither does my hair on the rainy days we ALWAYS have here in autumn and winter. So ask me again why I live here?

Tbh, no clue, but here we are 🤷🏻‍♂️

Anyways, you should know that the weather here is super bipolar. For some reason, people decided to settle Berlin in one of the most extreme weather zones in Europe. Some days it might be super sunny and warm, but the next, it’s going to be freezing and rainy. Plus, the weather forecasts are barely ever 100% correct, so this makes dressing each day a nightmare in and of itself. I never know exactly if I should bring an umbrella, raincoat, gloves, or anything else with me on any given day.

The solution to this? The Large Dominic Black backpack from Beara Beara.

Now you get my pun in the title, right? Right? 😉 Yeah I’m lame, but what can ya do. But you know what’s not lame? This backpack. There are so many things that I love about this bag, so I’ll keep it sweet and simple for you guys. Firstly, it’s been hand-crafted by Beara Beara, a London brand which is widely known for the incredible quality and style of leather bags they produce (especially by Queen Taylor). That’s how you know that this is the real deal. The design of the Dominic line is pretty cool with a bit of an old-school vibe to it.

But you know what I really love about this bag? The fact that there’s SO MUCH SPACE in it. You can roll it up/down based on how much you’re carrying, but seriously y’all, I swear this bag is magic. It’s basically a stylish and bit larger version of Hermione’s bag  You can fit everything in there that you need to carry around on a daily basis or those things you’re not sure if you need or not. You can carry it around at work, at school, or when you’re traveling and need to carry around twenty different outfits like me!

P.S. You can also get this bag in a slightly smaller Medium version that’s unisex!

P.P.S. You can get 15% off of the Dominic collection from Beara Beara when you use my code “mrbenfield”, so you should proooobably go do that now 😏. It’s only available for two weeks from the date of this post!!

– Matt

[This post was sponsored by Beara Beara. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.]

beara beara, backpack, bag, man, standing, fashion


beara beara, backpack, bag, man, sitting, fashion


beara beara, backpack, bag, man, phone, standing




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