Mont Tremblant Winter Travel Guide 2019

The other weekend, Omar and I got the incredible opportunity to head on up to Quebec and visit Mont Tremblant for a couple of days during Elevation Gay Ski Week. Now, it should be no secret to y’all that even though I live in Canada, I ain’t a fan of the cold weather 🌨So I was a little hesitant heading all the way up to Tremblant in the dead of winter to ski for my first time *screams internally*

BUT what I learned from this whole trip is that if you don’t put yourself out there to experience new things, what are we on this planet to do!? We did a whole lot more than ski & snowboard during our trip to Tremblant too, so I decided to put together a little winter travel guide for you cuties to use when you’re visiting up north! Enjoy and stay warm out there 🔥

What to Do 

Skiing/Snowboarding (duh)

OK, so if you’re coming to Mont Tremblant, chances are that you’re going to try out skiing or snowboarding while you’re there. I mean…duh! As someone who’s never skied or snowboarded a day in his life, I would HIGHLY suggest getting one of their incredible instructors to help out. The team at Mont Tremblant offers both individual lessons and group lessons at the Tremblant Snow School for first-timers to learn the tricks of the trade! 🏂⛷

The “Fire Man” Snowshoe Tour

This is something that I never thought I’d ever do in my entire life…EVER. For me, snowshoeing is completely random and was never on my radar 🤷🏻‍♂️ But I gotta say, snowshoeing through a foot of snow in the gorgeous forests of Tremblant…it’s a one-of-a-kind and magical experience that you don’t get anywhere else. 

The guided “Fire Man” snowshoe tour is definitely what I recommend for all you first-time snowshoers out there. You’ll be taken into the forest by the most wonderful guide, he’ll show you bear tracks and markings on trees, and even how to make a fire in the freezing cold weather 🔥Our guide was probably the funniest human to ever walk the Earth, so you’re sure to have a good time!

Dog Sledding

OMGOMGOMG, I’ve been so dang excited to write about this activity for the longest time! 😍Dog sledding was 1000% our favorite activity during our weekend in Tremblant. I mean, how could you not love being pulled through a stunning winter wonderland by a pack of the CUUUTEST huskies and other snow dogs in the world!? 

The dog sledding excursion we went on (under “In Forest” through this link) took us about an hour or so to complete with a stop for hot chocolate and maple cookies in the middle. Afterwards, the team takes you into the kennels where you get to play with the dogs, snap some pics, and generally revel in your happiness of just being surrounded by so many fluffy doggos 🐶

P.S. Half of the dogs at the kennel we visited are rescue dogs from Montreal! 

The Casino de Mont Tremblant

If gambling is your thing, then you’re not going to be bored on your visit to Tremblant! One of our evenings while we were there, we got to visit the Casino de Mont Tremblant – a beautiful venue with all the slot machines and poker tables you could want & a delicious restaurant upstairs (more on that below!). 

Scandinave Spa Tremblant

Time for one of the favorite parts of our trip to Tremblant – the much talked about Scaninave Spa Tremblant 💆🏻‍♂️ I have to say y’all, I haven’t been to many spas in my life, but if they’re all like this one, I might have to!! We got to walk around the spa an hour before it opened to the public and in the winter, this place is like another world entirely ✨Snow is piled up around the thermal baths, steam rising from the water, and an other-worldly winter forest completely envelopes you. Quite honestly, I haven’t experienced anything like this place before in my life. 

Click here to check it out and book a visit during your Tremblant trip!

Where to Eat 😋

Right, so you must be tired after ALL those activities you’ve been doing in Tremblant! Time to get to my favorite subject of all time…FOOOOOOD 🤤As vegans, we thought we would have such a hard time finding places to eat in Tremblant. I mean, it’s a ski resort after all – not necessarily a mecca for plant-based foods lol. 

However, we were completely blown away by the amount of restaurants that have plant-based options for all us plant-lovin’ humans! Below are some of our favs we got to try on our trip: 

La Diable

If you’re looking for a après-ski beer and hearty meal, La Diable is where you want to be headed. This microbrewery, right at the entrance the the Tremblant village, was the first place we ate when we arrived in Tremblant. Their veggie burger was ON POINT, y’all! We don’t drink that much beer, so I can’t comment on that part of the restaurant – but I’ve heard great things 🍻


Next on the list is pretty much right across from La Diable. Ô WOK is your destination for delish Asian cuisine (they even have a…wait for it…VEGAN PAD THAI 😍). This place is perfect for a dinner date with that special someone, an evening out with your fam bam, or whoever you’ve chosen to visit Tremblant with! 🍲

La Pizzateria

Alright, I’ve gotta say. La Pizzateria was probably our FAV restaurant in the entirety of the Tremblant village. Mainly because their vegan pizza was BOMB 💣🌱We had it twice over the weekend and man oh man, I’d have it another 10 times if I could! They also have plenty of other options for pizzas, calzones, salads, and of course, beer 🍻

Coco Pazzo Tremblant

More into Italian food? Tremblant’s got you covered! We visited Coco Pazzo Tremblant for dinner one evening and (this is becoming a common theme here 😏) the food was DELISH. We had a vegan pasta dish with some side dishes of incredible homemade bread, grilled potatoes, fried mushrooms, and olives. SOOO YUM! 

Samurai Sushi

Part pub, part restaurant, Samurai Sushi was another one of our favorites while in Tremblant. Spring rolls, avocado and cucumber sushi rolls, vegan ramen and poke bowls – this place has all you need if you’re craving some Asian cuisine while in town 😍

Altitude at Casino de Mont-Tremblant

Next up on the list is a restaurant we got to try out on one of our last nights in Tremblant. We got all fancy and headed over to the Casino de Mont-Tremblant to not only gamble a little bit, but to try out their seafood & grill restaurant – Altitude. 🏔Now I know what you’re thinking…how are vegans going to get on at a SEAFOOD & GRILL restaurant!? 

Well, we had the most incredible vegan dinner, prepared by their incredibly talented chef. Homemade bread, soup/salad, the yummiest falafel I’ve ever tasted, and a honeydew sorbet that I absolutely DIED for 😋Definitely hit up this restaurant (and the casino!) on your trip to Tremblant. And enjoy the view of the ski slopes while you eat! 

SoCal Kitchen Tremblant

If you’re missing the sunshine a little, try out SoCal Kitchen! They have a huge California cuisine inspired menu for you to choose from. ☀️ We went for the tofu burger and some kind of vegan pasta – all in all, a really good option for dinner! 

Where to Stay 😴

Where you stay in Tremblant is just as important as what you do or what you eat there! Because we all need our beauty sleep, you know 🛌I have three favorite hotels you should check out while your visiting this dreamy place below, as well as a quick Google search price check to give you an idea of costs! 

Fairmont Tremblant

The Fairmont is probably one of the best situated hotels if you’re looking for a heavy skiing/snowboarding experience with your family, your partner, or by yourself. It’s located right at the foot of the slopes, so you’ll have zero trouble being the first on the slopes in the morning ⛷And even though we didn’t get to experience it, we saw their spa from a distance and it looks INCREDIBLE. Your après ski at the Fairmont will be out of this world 💆🏻‍♂️

Cost for 2 nights & 2 people:$430(CAD) 

Marriott Residence Inn

The newly renovated Marriott at the beginning of the Tremblant Pedestrian Village is where we stayed during our trip. I would say if you’re bringing your family along with you on your trip to Tremblant, book a suite at the Marriott! We stayed in one of the larger suites at the end of our trip & it would be absolutely perfect for a family. OH and the location couldn’t be better if you want to combine skiing/snowboarding with other winter activities or just hanging around the village. ☃

Cost for 2 nights & 2 people$430(CAD)

Le Westin Resort & Spa

If you want to spend more of your time relaxing in your hotel, then Le Westin is where you need to book right this instant 😴Treat yourself at their world-class spa, take a dip in the heated salt-water pool, or have some Mediterranean-inspired fare at Gypsy, the in-house restaurant. You literally don’t even need to leave this hotel to have a relaxing time in Tremblant! 

Cost for 2 nights & 2 people$430(CAD)

If y’all have any other questions about visiting Tremblant or Elevation Gay Ski Week, feel free to leave ‘em in the comments or shoot me a DM on Insta!