Holiday Cleaning Tips with The Home Depot Canada

OK call me weird af, but I might love cleaning a little bit 😱 It might take me a while to get started on a cleaning spree, but once I’ve started a deep clean of our apartment, there isn’t a speck of dust that can stand in my way. 

*please excuse me while I continue living my 60 year old life 👴🏻*

Since this is our first Christmas in Toronto, it’s been important to Omar and I to keep our apartment pretty clean during the holiday season. When we have friends over for holiday drinks or a big dinner, we want to make sure our place doesn’t look tooooo much like a pig’s sty 🐷

This season, we’ve partnered with our favorites over at The Home Depot Canada to share some holiday cleaning tips to keep your own places sparkling clean – before & after this insane holiday season! You’d be suprrised at how many big brand cleaning products The Home Depot has! Man, there’s no wonder this is one of our fav stores – they’ve got EVERYTHING! 

Grab those Lysol wipes & vacuums kiddos!

1. Start with the surfaces. 

One of the golden lessons of cleaning that my mom (thanks mom!) taught me is to always start from the upper levels of your house and move towards the bottom. So, it’s OK to be a little attentive at this point – make sure to swipe down every surface of your place! I’m a big fan of using Lysol wipes to not only get rid of all that dust, but also disinfect everything at the same time! Our apartment gets SUPER dusty, so I feel your struggle if this tip takes you some time 😜

2. You want your kitchen to be SPOTLESS. 

Think about it – where do most people hang out when they first get to a holiday party? THE FOOD, DUH 😋 If you have to pick somewhere to spend most of your cleaning energy – go for the kitchen. If you’re guests are anything like me, they’re gonna be waiting around your food like vultures. At least they should be hanging out in a clean space while they do 🤷🏻‍♂️

3. If you have hardwood floors, pay special attention to them. 

This is really a tip that’s relevant year-round, but if you have hardwood floors like we do – take care of them bbs!! Get a hardwood floor care kit like the one we snagged at The Home Depot to not only get rid of all the dust & flamin’ hot cheeto residue from the floor, but give it a nice shine too 🤗

4. Give your home a lil sniff sniff. 

Does your house smell a little stale? Or does it smell a lil too much like Lysol? I’m a huuuuge (I mean HUGE) fan of candles/diffusers/anything that makes our apartment smell like a gigantic Christmas tree around this time of year 🎄 Snag some good scents and place your diffusers/candles strategically around your place – especially in the bathroom! Then, when you have guests coming over, light them or start up your diffuser an hour or so before they arrive 🕯

5. Have so many trash bags at the ready. 

OK y’all know that holiday parties can get SUPER messy, yeah? Just go ahead and have a ton of trash bags at the handy that you can pull out right after the party ends. At the end of the night (or first thing in the morning), just throw all those empty bottles, empty bags of late-night chips, and whatever else away. That’ll make post-party cleaning a breeze! 

This holiday season, if you’re anything like us, you want to keep your apartment or home pristine and ready for any occasion. The Home Depot is wheere you’ve got to go to get all your cleaning supplies – we went the other day and was totally blown away at how many big brands they have available. Happy holidays, y’all! 

*This post was sponsored by The Home Depot Canada, but all opinions and views expressed are my own*

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