Traveling is one of those things that you guys know that I love to do whenever I can. I love the rush of hopping on a plane and exploring somewhere I love or somewhere I’ve never been before. But, there’s something else that I have a passion for: staying healthy and finding time to exercise.

Now, I used to not be the ideal picture of healthiness – AKA I ate a ton of flaming hot Cheetos in college and going to the gym was the same as going to the dentist for me. However, now that I’ve graduated from university and I’m out here in the world, I understand how important it is that you take care of yourself. As I imagine Queen RuPaul would say – if you can’t take care of yourself, how the hell you think you gonna take care of someone else?

One of the toughest times to stay fit is when you’re traveling. You’re constantly running around, trying out new foods, exploring new places, and maybe drinking the night away (probably, not maybe). That’s why I want to help out a bit. I’ve learned the best ways that you can stay healthy when you’re traveling and I’ve listed them out down below.

Now kids, be sure to eat your broccoli and keep reading. 🥗😊

Here are the best ways to exercise when you’re traveling the 🌍.

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Exercise Tip #1: Go for a light 🏃🏻 in the morning.

I’ve found that one of the best ways to spend your mornings while you’re traveling is to go for a light jog. Sure, you’re probably going to want to snooze the morning away, but what’s the fun of that? You’re going to be hitting two birds with one stone when you go for a morning jog.

#1: You’ll be able to get some calories burnt and get the endorphins pumping. This is going to put you in a really good mood, even before you’ve had coffee. And #2: You’ll be able to do some exploring of the neighborhood. Just make sure that you don’t get lost like I always do when you go out in a new place!

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Exercise Tip #2: Find your own gym 🏋🏻‍♀️.

Who says that the world isn’t your jungle gym? All you have to do is find a public park or a playground around where you’re staying and you’re set for a great workout. Just make sure there’s not tons of kids running around before you start playing on the actual jungle gym.

But oh, what kinds of workouts are you going to be doing? Check out tip #3!

Sit Up, Exercise, Exercise Clothes

Exercise Tip #3: Do some tabatas or HIIT workouts.

If you’ve never heard of tabata exercises or HIIT, then you’ve been missing out. These are probably the best exercises you can do when you’re traveling around. Sure, they’re a bitch to do, but you’ll be able to burn tons of calories and build up muscle.

The basis of these kinds of exercises is that you want to push yourself as hard as you can for a short time, rest for a shorter time, and then push yourself again. For example, one tabata might be 20 seconds of crunches, 10 seconds of rest, and 20 seconds of pull-ups. You would then repeat this for four minutes. You’re going to really feel a burn when you do these, but your body’s going to thank you!

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Exercise Tip #4: Stick with clean and fresh meals 🥗.

Another thing you’re going to have to think about when you’re traveling is what you’re putting into your body. OK, so I know the struggle when all you want to do is eat your heart out of fish and chips when you’re in London or tacos when you’re in Mexico City. But you should be aiming to eat as clean and fresh as you can when you’re traveling.

This means always putting this in front of grabbing a quick meal at McDonald’s. After all, 80% of your fitness level is based on your diet and only 20% on your time spent working out.

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Exercise Tip #5: Schedule your workouts into your travel schedule.

The last thing I’m going to mention is that you have got to schedule your workouts into your traveling schedule. If you don’t do this, then you’re definitely going to forget to do them. Just take an hour or two a day in the morning to get your workout done! Super simple.


Hope you guys enjoyed this look into how I stay fit when I’m traveling! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask me 😉 Paying attention to your nutrition and fitness levels is one of the best things you can do for your life! You can also find the clothes I’m wearing in these photos at Bjorn Berg!