hi humans!

Now that you’ve stumbled across this lil’ site of mine, I know you’re just DYING to know who I am. OK, well maybe not dying, but let’s just say that for the sake of my self-confidence 😉. My name is Matt Benfield and I’m a 23 year old typical Millennial blogger, brunching my way through the streets of Toronto. I have a slight (or not so slight) obsession with tacos, huskies, the Harry Potter series, and one of my personal queens, Kesha.

In this blog, you’re going to find a ton of content about personal branding tips, men’s fashion trends, my travels around the world, and just general stuff about life. Wait – OK, I know you’re wondering why my blog is called Everyday Pride. Well, if you haven’t guessed from my love for brunch, cute puppies, and Kesha – I’m gay. SHOCKER. Throughout most of my life, I never got the chance to really show pride in who I was and still am. But now that I’m living in Toronto, I’ve finally had the chance to figure out who I really am and be confident in that every single day. And that’s why my blog is all about showing pride in what you got going on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – I want everyone to have that feeling. I want you to be able to life the life of your dreams – no matter what that means to you! 

If you’ve connected with anything here, then I would love to have you along for the journey! Bookmark this site, follow me on Instagram (you won’t regret it, I promise!), and feel free to send any love letters to matt@everyday-pride.com.

All the love,


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